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Annual season tickets and 14-days-tickets

With one of our annual season tickets or 14-days-tickets you have free entry to over forty of the most beautiful sights in Bavaria. The annual season tickets and 14-days-tickets are also available at the ticket offices in all our palaces, castles and other sights (excluding the King's House on the Schachen). You can also buy the tickets at the Infopoint Museen & Schlösser in Bayern (Alter Hof 1, Munich). The tickets are not transferable.

The annual season tickets will be valid for one year after your first visit.
Single persons pay 45 euros for the ticket, the price for a family / partner ticket (2 adults and their children under 18) is 75 euros.

The 14-days-tickets will be valid for 14 days after your first visit. The 14-days-ticket is available as a single ticket (30 euros)or a family / partner ticket (56 euros).

Further we offer the combination ticket "Königsschlösser" (King Ludwig II's palaces). The combination ticket (26 euros) is valid for six months; you can visit each of the palaces Linderhof, Herrenchiemsee and Neuschwanstein once. 


Will the ticket save me having to wait at the cash desk?
Due to the different access systems and, if applicable, assignment to a guided tour, it is unfortunately necessary to obtain a corresponding free ticket at the ticket office; unfortunately, waiting times cannot always be avoided. It is not possible to visit the houses only upon presentation of the 14-day, annual or "Königsschlösser" combination ticket.

Furtherinformation on our annual season tickets, 14-day tickets, combination ticket for King Ludwig II’s Palaces and frequently asked questions about this tickets

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